dentin (dentin) wrote,

Alter Aeon Christmas Expansion

The latest AA expansion is live, and here's the list of just the big stuff we added:

A level 25 mage skill 'melt'
A level 27 mage skill 'spell lore'

A level 6 cleric spell 'faith shield'
A level 31 cleric spell 'breath of life'
A level 32 cleric spell 'group waypoint'
A level 33 cleric spell 'area heal'
A level 34 cleric spell 'astral bridge'

A level 8 thief skill 'listen'
A level 29 thief skill 'fast talking'

A level 26 warrior skill 'cleave'
A level 32 warrior skill 'whirlwind'

A level 8 necromancer spell 'bone blade'
Reworks and improvements to multiple necromancer spells and skills.
A complete explorer point system.
New achievements for soulstones and explorer points.

On top of all this, if you're an existing player, stop in and say hello; if you hang out for a while, the game will give you a gift or two.

Happy holidays!
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