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Alter Aeon Year End - Update

The year-end celebration has started at Alter Aeon!

We're starting things off with a bang today by re-opening the troll caverns in the dark forest on Archais. This update to the original area adds two more levels of caves, a number of new monsters, fame, equipment, and a quest. The caves are suitable for players in the level 25-30 range.

Other events that are planned:

- On the 25th, chrismas day, we will be opening Scribe's new stone giant area west of Finspang on the mainland. This is a high level area and it puts a very different spin on stone giants than you might be expecting.

- On the 28th, we'll be opening a brand new area north of the Old Indira Forest on the island of Kordan. This level 10-14 area is intended to give low level players on Kordan a safe place to explore, and possibly defeat the mole king while they're at it.

- Up to the 23rd, Shadowfax is running an object creation contest that is open to everyone. Check board 8 for details.

- Several different minor contests and activities similar to the famous Halloween Pumpkin Cannon, schedule TBA.

We're also be running sales on various credit purchases in game if you're into that sort of thing.

Finally, all players who log in from now until the end of the year will get a daily thank you gift from the admin, including experience, practices, and sometimes credits. Thanks to everyone for playing!


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